Solo projects

Amanece infierno (2023)

Solo tenor sax improvisations. "Recorded during 2022 by myself, in different rooms of the apparment were I live in Once". Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Digital / Impro! Ritual (Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Este instante (2022)

Piano improvisations, digitally processed to compose an electroacoustic album. Recorded (2021) and mastered (2022) by Sam Nacht in Estudio Libres, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Digital / Pan y Rosas Discos (Chicago, USA) - pyr 318.
Anti Jazz Climax (2021)

Composed using old jazz recordings and new sounds (all instruments played and recorded by myself at home).
Digital + CD-R limited edition / (Mariana, Brazil) - Antena [146].

Pléroman (2020)

Composed digitaly using a brief fragment of a piano improvisation recorded in 2018.
Digital / Independent edition + (Mariana, Brazil) - Antena [124].

Destajo (2018)

Composed using new and old electroacustic pieces (with other musicians, but mostly alone) and field recordings made by myself.
Digital / (Mariana, Brazil) - Antena [093].

Monosinavaja (2016)

Compilated from a musical project, consisting of twelve (one per month) unique "one-take" recorded cassettes produced during 2015. Remixed and edited  by Omar Amor.
Cassette / PSH Ediziones - Estética del registro (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 2016.

Contrazul (2012)

Improvisation recorded using the out of tune piano of my mother.
Recorded by myself (13/04/2011), mastered by Zelmar Garín.
CD-R - 50 numbered copies edition / Noseso Records (Prov. Bs. As., Arg.) - NS 036.

Solo (2010)

Incomplete music for trombon. Dedicated to Roi Maciaz. Spontaneous improvisations using compositions of other musicians as audio reference. 
Recorded by Adrián Odriozola in SADEM studio (13/02/2010), Buenos Aires.
CD-R / Private pressing (for the comrades of Adrian Cangi's aesthetics course) .

Prima Suite (2005)

First piano comprovisations. 
Recorded by Mario Sobrino in Estudio del Nuevo Mundo (15/06/2005), Buenos Aires.
CD-R / Independent edition.



Focus (128-129 + 138-139) - EP (2023)

Omar Grandoso & Sam Nacht improvisation with trombones and effects over two pair of pages from Cornelius Cardew's Treatise.
Recorded and mixed by Sam Nacht at Estudio Libres, August, 2023.
Digital / Pakapi Records (Buenos Aires, Argentina).



DOGO (2023)

Pre-arranged improvisation played by Darío Dolci, Osvaldo La Porta, Gerardo Cavanna and Omar Grandoso.
Recorded by Sam Nacht at Estudio Libres, November 5, 2022.
Digital / Koshkil (Madrid, Spain).



La máquina de fabricar caprichos (2022)

Spontaneous Music. Composed and played by Jorge Torrecillas, Luciano Bagnasco, Pablo Vázquez, Carolina Rizzi, Omar Grandoso and Marcelo von Schultz.
Recorded by Sam Nacht at Estudio Libres, August 8, 2022.
Digital / Discordian (Barcelona, Spain).

Dúo Grandoso - Moiz



Variaciones Orbitales (2022)

Experiemtal Music. Composed and played by Omar Grandoso and Silvio Moiz.
Recorded by the musicians at home recording sessions, and in Estudio Libres by Sam Nacht during 2022.
Digital / Rumiarec (Buenos Aires, Argentina).


Darío Dolci / Osvaldo La Porta / Omar Grandoso

Síndrome de abstinencia (2021)

Latin American free improvisation.
Recorded by Sam Nacht in Estudio Libres, 24/07/2021. Buenos Aires.
CD / Chap Chap Records (Hofu, Japan).

Albert Cirera / Omar Grandoso / Pablo Díaz

Fortuït (2020)

Trio free improvisation (saxes + trombone + drums).
Recorded  and mastered by Sam Nacht in Estudio Libres, 13/11/2019. Buenos Aires.
Digital / Nendo Dango (Argentina) - #030.

Christoph Gallio / Omar Grandoso / Sam Nacht / Marcelo von Schultz

Ecce homo. Wie man wird, was man ist (2020)

Quartet free improvisation (saxes + trombones + drums).
Recorded in Estudio Libres, 16/11/2018. Buenos Aires. Mastered by Gerardo Morel.
Digital / Plus Timbre (Greece) - PT102.

Para naides (2020) 

Agustín Martire & Omar Grandoso: 1 hour musical spontaneous encounter.
Recorded direct to monophonic by Sam Nacht. 11/02/2020, Estudio Libres, Buenos Aires.
Digital / Independent free edition.

Abierto Cierra (2013)

Collective improvisation by Agustín Martire, Gabriel Falciola, Luis Conde, Nahuel Creche, Omar Grandoso, Oscar Jaureguiberry, Ramiro Larrain, Roberto Etcheverry, Sam Nacht.
Recorded in Casa Frida Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
CD /  het balanseer - BAL 04 (Gent, Belgium) + Noseso Records  (Prov. Bs. As., Arg.) - NS 046

Blá (2010) 

Agustín Martire & Omar Grandoso + Hernán Calvo (live electronics and recording). 
Produced for Concordia Records by Hernán Calvo and Alejandro Leonelli. 
Empty CD-R with link for downloading the audio files / Independent edition.

No Título (2009)

Agustín Martire, Omar Grandoso: improvising with some wind instruments.
Home recording, Buenos Aires.
CD-R / Private pressing.

Espacio Urbano (2008)

Squizojam (sax, trombone and other wind instruments ) + Zelmar Garín (drums).
Recorded live in Espacio Urbano, Buenos Aires (05/07/2008).
CD-R / Independent edition.

Post Cromañóm (2005)

Agustín Martire & Omar Grandoso (with guest friends). 
Live recordings digitally deconstructed. 
Cassette / 150 copies idependent edition. 

Remember? (2002)

Agustín Martire, Omar Grandoso & Sergio Paolucci. 
Live recording in Remember Pub (26/04/2002), Buenos Aires.
CD-R / Private pressing.

Balvanera Sessions (2002)

Agustín Martire & Omar Grandoso. 
Recorded by Germán Pina in El Fortín Studio (02/02/2002), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
CD-R  / Promotional copies produced and distributed by Squizojam.

Carolina Rizzi & Omar Grandoso

Rock Nacional (2017) 

Experimental composition for grand piano using argentinean rock as inspiration.
Recorded by Sam Nacht in Estudio Libres (2016). Mastered by Esteban Insinger (D) and Sam Nacht (V), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Digital / Pan y Rosas Discos (Chicago, USA) - pyr 220.
Vinyl / 100 copies limited independent edition.

Acusmático (2010) 

Spontaneous compositions for prepared upright piano (no additional effects or overdubbing).
Recorded by Carolina Rizzi in different locations in La Matanza, Provincia de Buenos Aires, during 2008 and 2009. 
CD / Noseso Records (Prov. Bs. As., Argentina) - NS 030.


Häxan (2016)

Luciana Arias, Omar Grandoso: instruments and voices. 
Live recordings without public. Industrial-Punk-Folk improvisations recorded at home.
CD-R / 10 copies limited independent edition.

Fiesta de Quince

LPpa (2015)

Florencia Kurch - Sam Nacht - Roberto Etcheverry - Omar Grandoso.
Free acid compositions, recorded and mixed in one day by F15 in Estudio Libres (28/06/2014), Buenos Aires.
Vinyl / One single copy independent edition.

Debut (2014)

Florencia Curch - Sam Nacht - Roberto Etcheverry - Omar Grandoso. 
Experimental overdubbed spontaneous compositions. Estudio Libres, Buenos Aires.
CD-R / Noseso Records (Prov. Bs. As., Argentina) - NS 045.

2iS (dosis)

El hechicero (2015)

Lucas Sofía: drums / Omar Grandoso: piano, percussion.
Free jazz instant compositions.
Recorded by Sam Nacht in Estudio Libres, Buenos Aires (28/02/2015).
CD-R / 50 copies limited independent edition. 

Orquesta Trompa de Elefante

Ex AU3 (2011)

Diego Arbit, Nicolás Bari, Roberto Etcheverry, Claudia Farías, Omar Grandoso,
Leandro Kalén, Mariela Martínez, Agustín Martire, Carlos Murat, Estefanía Revas & Tomás Wengrowicz.
Colective improvisations filmed and recorded in urban locations (blocks expropriated in 1980 for a highway that was never built) Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires.
DVD / Independent edition.

Té de Cerdos (2009)

Diego Arbit, Sonia Basch, Leo Cappucci, Roberto Etcheverry, Adrián Fanello, Ruben Ferrero, Abel Giménez, Omar Grandoso, Mayra Yazmín Harazatey, Leandro Kalén, Sebastián Kirzner, Alex Kodric, David Martínez, Agustín Martire, Zoe Martire, Sebastián Matías Oliveira, Fernando Posse, Marina Quiroga, Carolina Rovira, Nicolás Suka, Luvi Torres & Felicitas Trimarco.
Recorded by Adrián Odriozola in SADEM studio (28/11/2009), Buenos Aires.
CD-R / Independent edition.

El Viento en Cinco Movimientos (2008)

Adan Nada, Diego Arbit, Rubén "Pájaro" Benítez, Waldemar Garín, Omar Grandoso, Agustín Martire, Carolina Rizzi.
Recorded in Sistema Sonar, oct. 2008, by Diego Seoane & Joni Zaslavski, Buenos Aires.
CD-R / Independent edition.

Los Patrones


Todos Tristes (2010)

Roberto Etcheverry, Hugo Foigelman, Omar Grandoso.
Miles Davis' "All Blues" reworked till the end.
CD-R / Zombie Worms Records s/n.

Diego Arbit / Zelmar Garín / Omar Grandoso


Volumen I - Desesperados (2006)



Volumen II - Asco (2006)

Diego Arbit, Zelmar Garín & Omar Grandoso.
Home recordings of spontaneous compositions of text and sound.
CD-R / Independent edition.